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Health and Beauty Clinic is based in Surrey, Croydon we look after clients from all across London, we are a home based salon especially created for women. The ambience of the room is healing and relaxing allowing you to empower your beauty.

We provide a unique holistic and rejuvenating approach to new age beauty treatment. Not only do we provide generic beauty treatments but we make sure that they are tailored to a personal specification. 

My name Natasha, I have a holistic approach to my work. I take into consideration a persons entire well being, physical and mental state whilst carrying out my treatments,  For example during a massage with my I not only relax the surface of the muscles, I am able to connect with inner tissues rejuvenating the mind, body and soul.

I am a competent holistic therapist alongside having certifications in sports massages, personal training, and beauty therapist training. I have an excellent understanding in anatomy and physiology which not only helps me identify problem areas, but treat them with excellent results which can be seen and felt after every treatment. I am a positive energy that will help you overcome any stress and difficulties whether it be the mind, body or even both. Throughout the session, I am very attentive to all my clients requests of what level of strength they need, and what areas to focus on.

My facials will leave your skin in pristine condition and sometimes last for weeks. Slimming treatments and Lipo laser treatments are available, to shape and lose fat, without harsh exercise.  

You can be assured that you are in expert hands.  I Help clients to re-energise and rebalance and repair their body.Treatments are individually geared to you, your health and vitality, a sense of relaxation and awareness.

We believe Beauty comes from deep within, therefore it is important we do everything to maintain this. After all beauty is more than skin deep!